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Once you have reviewed the application Eligibility Checklist and have determined that you are eligible to apply for a Snyder Foundation scholarship or grant, you can submit a completed application in one of three ways:

• By Email - You may forward a completed scholarship or grant application package by e-mail to:

                   P.O. BOX 671
                   MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY 08057-0671 

NOTE: If sending by mail, please mail seven complete copies to the above address. Also, be advised that we do not accept faxed proposals or  proposals sent by certified or express mail. 

Online - You may apply directly on this site, by clicking on either Scholarship Application or Grant Application, filling out the form, attaching any additional documents requested, and clicking the Submit button once your application is complete.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enclose or attach all additional requested documents prior to submitting your application. If your application is not complete, it will not be reviewed for consideration. Be sure to send your Scholarship application (postmarked) no later than March 15 and your Grant Application (postmarked) no later than May 1st for consideration. Applications received after May 1st will not be reviewed.



For Scholarships:
  To be considered for a Snyder Foundation Scholarship, you will need to submit the following application materials:

  1. Scholarship Application – A completed Scholarship Application Form. Do not delete or amend any item. Do not substitute a resume for any item.  Attach additional sheets only if you need more space to answer a specific item.
  2. Personal Essay - A 150-word compelling essay on your intention regarding your pursuits of higher education, how you meet/exceed the eligibility requirements for a Snyder Foundation Scholarship, why you believe you are a great candidate for such a scholarship, and how you anticipate that furthering your education will be an asset to your community and society.
  3. Academic Transcripts - Two recent formal Academic Transcripts from the most recent educational institution (high school, college, trade school…) you attended that include grades through the current semester of the school year. We must also receive official transcripts from all previous institutions attended, which should be sent to us directly by the institution in question, no later than March 15. Any official transcript submitted to us must include the appropriate signature and raised seal of the institution it represents.
  4. Federal and State Tax Returns - Signed copies of your parents’ and your current Federal and State Tax returns (including ALL attachments). IF current year returns are not available by March 15th, then the prior year’s returns MUST be sent with the application and the current year’s returns MUST be submitted by April 15th.
  5. Communicant Status - Evidence of active communicant status in a Presbyterian congregation and of being under the care of a presbytery at the time of the application from candidates for a scholarship for candidacy at a Presbyterian ministry. Candidates from other denominations must submit similar appropriate documentation.

For Grants: To be considered for a Snyder Foundation Grant, you will need to submit the following application materials:

  1. Grant Application - A completed Grant Application Form. Do not delete or amend any item.
  2. 990s - Signed copies of your most recent Form 990, including schedule A and all other attachments.
  3. Financial Statement - A copy of your most recent audited financial statement, including any management letters.
  4. Letter from IRS - Copy of letter from the Internal Revenue Service which states that your organization is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and also identifies your status under the subsections of Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code AND/OR your tax exempt number.
  5. Financial Spreadsheet - Listing and description of financial contributions to your organization from your board of trustees, staff, and total financial contributions from all other sources during the last 3 fiscal years. Board members, staff, and other sources should be listed separately, with the number and percent of contributors for each category, as well as the range and total of contributions in each category.
  6. List of Trustees - The names, home addresses, and occupations of all of your trustees.
  7. Employees and Volunteers - The number of paid full-time staff, paid part-time staff, and volunteers.
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What's New: The Snyder foundation is currently reviewing prospective applicants for grants and scholarships for 2011. Learn more about the application criteria and how to apply.
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