Enhancing Educational Opportunities for America’s Future Leaders
The Foundation has a Scholarship Program that provides tuition assistance to hundreds of college student, helping unleash their potential and lead them on to successful careers and more fulfilling lives. more...
Removing Obstacles in the Way of Quality Medical Care
Over the past decade, the Foundation has invested close to $10 into various projects at Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center and other medical institutionsaimed at innovating and implementing a spectrum of essential new medical services and facilities. more...
Helping Preserve and Protect America’s Rich Cultural Heritage
The Snyder Foundation recently funded a large-scale community projects the restoration – the preservation and renovation of Old First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth, which dates back some 350 years and has witnessed numerous historic landmark events. more...
What's New
What's New: The Snyder foundation is currently reviewing prospective applicants for grants and scholarships for 2011. Learn more about the application criteria and how to apply.
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